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Restorative dentistry at Pines True Smile

Dentist in Pembroke Pines, FL offering restorative dentistry services. All machines need fuel and repair against wear and tear. Your body is the most complicated machine ever made. But even this sophisticated machine is not an exception to this rule. It suffers natural wear and tear, and therefore requires extensive and regular maintenance. Restorative dentistry is an essential part of that very essential repair and maintenance of this machine that is you. Restorative dentistry deals with the up-keep of your teeth, gums, jaws, and other parts of the oral cavity. Our experienced dental team at Pines True Smile in Pembroke Pines, FL believes in making every effort to restore your damaged dental tissues, rather than replacing them altogether.

Restorative Dentistry services at Pines True Smile in Pembroke Pines, FL

Almost all types of restorative dental services offered at Smart Smile dentistry. Some of them are discussed below:

Dental Fillings

Fillings is possibly the most common restorative operation. Caries can occur because of various factors including improper oral hygiene, unbalanced diet, etc. accidents can also demand a procedure like filling. A timely restoration of a cavity is like ‘a stitch in time’ and will save you a lot of cost and trouble later. A variety of filling materials is now available to suit different functional, aesthetic and budgetary considerations:

  • Silver amalgam – These are quite economical and last long. The ingredients can be readily mixed in the office itself and filled. The job is completed in one visit. However, they show up with a distinctive color. These are not employed for the visible teeth. Some people also show concern about the presence of mercury in the filling, but it has been verified that the amounts involved pose no threat to human life.
  • Composite Tooth Fillings – Composite tooth fillings are more expensive in comparison to amalgam fillings. Their greatest advantage is their ability of color matching to the host tooth and the neighboring teeth. However, they tend to get stained by tea, coffee, etc., easily. In addition, they are not as strong, are subject to wear, and last only a few years. These filling are readily applied within the office in a single visit.

Tooth extractions dentistry

Before resorting to a tooth extraction, we will make every effort to restore your tooth. However, in cases of severe decay with abscess, significant tooth trauma or advanced gum disease, removing the tooth is your best option for maintaining oral and overall health. Dental extraction may also be necessary in the absence of disease or injury, such as when more space is needed to align teeth with orthodontic treatment.

Dental crowns dentistry

Crowns are used for protecting weak and restored teeth, especially after a root canal treatment. Crowns can be made out of various materials like steel, gold alloy, porcelain, etc., depending on the functional requirements, cosmetic wishes of the user, and his or her budgetary priorities.

Dental implants dentistry

Are the newest addition to restorative dentistry. A dental implant is a titanium metal post which is screwed into the jaw bone. This post acts as a root on which an artificial crown is placed via an abutment. An implant works just like a natural tooth. Two or more implants can be used to support a denture or a bridge.

Dentures and dental bridges dentistry

A denture is a set of replacement teeth for a jaw. Both full and partial dentures are routinely made Pines True Smile in Pembroke Pines FL, to meet requirements of our valued customers. Dentures can be of the conventional type. These dentures take support from crowns on existing healthy teeth on either side. Conventional dentures are not very popular now except for a lower cost. Dentures supported on implants are much more reliable and convenient but cost more upfront.

Porcelain veneers dentistry

Very fine shells available in various materials and colors are bonded to the front surfaces of teeth for cosmetic reasons. Veneers can be quite useful when teeth whitening is not very effective for some reason.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Involves a cosmetic cum function uplift the entire oral cavity including teeth, gums, bite and jaw rehabilitation, etc. Our experts at Pines True Smile in Pembroke Pines FL can affect an excellent improvement in function and aesthetics of your oral assets.

Root canal therapy dentistry

Is also referred to as an endodontic treatment. It is almost the final effort to save an aching tooth. The inside of the tooth has a cavity running down the root. This cavity called the pulp chamber has blood-supply and nerve tissue which terminate on the outer layer of the root, called dentine. If this layer gets exposed, either due to wear out of the enamel, recession of the gums, or an accident, the tooth can cause unbearable pain. In a root canal operation, the chamber is cleaned up, dried and filled up with an inert material. The chamber is then sealed. As the tooth gets weakened due to drilling for the root canal treatment, a crown is normally recommended after the treatment.

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Your oral structures are an asset that must be preserved at all cost. Despite the highest quality of restorative dental services offered at Pines True Smile, our dentist, Dr. Kiani believes that prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, you should make your best efforts to ensure an optimal oral hygiene. However, Dr. Kiani is here to take care of it.